Joint and Muscle Salve

Single 50ml jar in box
£ 28.00 GBP
£ 28.00 GBP

The incredible warming and blood moving salve can be used daily for amazing results with deep joint and muscle pain. Made by hand by our team with locally source cold pressed oil, beeswax and a super-powerful blend of 16 warming herbs including safflower and cinnamon. The salve comes in a 50 ml jar and will keep for years, although I think you'll find it is so effective that you won't be holding on to it that long!

How To Use
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Rub a walnut-sized amount over affected area and massage in.
Additional Information
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Handcrafted in our Farnham workshop since 2019

Customers have good things to say.

“I love working with the marinade and patients love to be 'marinated' !!
It is very easy to apply and so far good results. I used it on myself on a ganglion on my wrist (Lu 9 area) and it shrunk half the size!.”
Monique Staring, Acupuncturist based in Holland
I mostly use the "moxa marinade" (Pro-Salve) with a TDP lamp. It's proving especially beneficial on patients with Damp/Cold swollen knees and ankles, really significantly reducing aches and pains. Pain levels being reduced from 9/10 to 2/10.
I'm on my 4th order! I've also used it with success, using a warming infrared lamp, on lower back pain.
Andrew Burton, Acupuncturist based in London
I have used the Pro-salve marinade on myself and for patients throughout this last year. It never fails to amaze me the significant changes I hear and see after using it.I used it on one patient who has always suffered with lower back issues and was coming for acupuncture on a weekly basis. I used the salve and needles combined. He has not had any problems in that area for the last three months which has really enhanced his mobility and more importantly reduced his level of pain. Considering he was on strong pain meds prior to this, the results have been so significant.
Sarah Webb, Acupuncturist based in Surrey
This is such a useful addition to my ‘Acupuncture Toolkit” alongside the TDP Heatlamp, it provides a fantastic feeling of warmth which my patients love as they feel it really penetrates deeply to increase the benefits of treatment which they have reported are also longer lasting.
For the practitioner, it is a very pleasant and easy to use product - I haven’t used moxa since buying this!
I have had particular success with low back pain in one of my elderly patients, who, as a retired nurse really struggled with stiffness and a deep ache due to strains in her working life. She really looks forward to being ‘marinaded’ especially on a cold damp day!
Paula Creasy, Acupuncturist based in Sussex