Distribution Information

YesHealth mainly uses a network of trusted distributors to sell the Joint and Muscle Balm (100ml jar). We find that the product by and large sells itself given the widespread need for products that help arthritis (and the relative lack of remedies that offer much help). Distributors buy the product in packs of 8 jars at a wholesale price, and then are free to sell on to those they know it can help.

Distributor Pack

In the Distributor Pack are 8 jars of our Joint and Muscle Balm, together with two 30ml samples to hand out to potential customers.

Principles of Distributor Program

The general principle of the distributor program is that the jars are supplied with the intention for you to resell them to clients, friends, or family.

The jars are being offered to you at a discount of 50% of the retail price. We encourage you to sell them for the full retail price without discounts as we believe this product does deliver on value.

It is fine to use the jars for your own use or for gifts.

Rollout of Distributor Program

The Distributor Program was launched in January 2023. In the first phase we will invite directly therapists who we think will find this useful for their patients. We think of our Distributors as business partners, and in the early stages are limiting those we reach out to as being allied healthcare professionals. We will be inviting selected acupuncture practitioners, physiotherapists and osteopaths and  to this program.

Rollout of Distributor Program

To find out more please contact us using the form below. To purchase a distributor pack now click below:

8 Jar Distributor Pack