Joint and Muscle Salve Information Sheet

What is Joint and Muscle Salve good for?

It is good for arthritis, the symptoms of arthritis, and any aches and pains in the body, especially for the joints and muscles. It can be good for mild muscle strains, stiffness, and pain. Probably the only thing it is not good for is for gout, or if there is something acute like a sprained ankle with excessive swelling. Otherwise it is pretty good for anything that hurts to do with a joint or a muscle.

When a joint becomes very badly worn, the cartilage surrounding the bones may well have worn away completely. This will lead to very bad arthritis symptoms, and the salve will help ease those symptoms to some degree, but obviously cannot reverse this serious condition.

How does it work?

This salve is packed with super herbs: it has 16, powerful, specially chosen herbs that each gently warm the muscles and joints and help to move local stiffness and stagnation. These herbs have been used for many hundreds of years, and this so called “traditional use” constitutes a basic level of scientific evidence that it is effective in helping muscular pain and joint pain.

How do I use it?

The salve should be regularly applied - we recommend at least twice daily. Simply take a pebble or marble sized scoop of salve and rub it into the affected joint, muscle or area. After it has been rubbed in you may well feel a very gentle sensation of heat. This is the natural heating effect. It is not the same as the effect you get with Tiger Balm which is a very strong method that actually has a cooling effect if you look at the nature of the herbs in that mixture. YesHealth Joint and Muscle Salve is a special gently heating method that has a long-term effect and long-term benefit.

What is in it?

The main active ingredient is a specially formulated recipe of 16 highly effective natural herbs, specially sourced from China, with an ethical and traceable line of purchase from our suppliers. Some of these herbs are familiar ingredients like cinnamon and safflower. Put together they all work to gently warm and ease pain.

These are made into a fine powder in our workshop, blended together and mixed with high-quality, cold pressed rape seed oil sourced from local Hampshire farms. The mixture then matures over a period of a month before being warmed with natural beeswax and poured into our amber jars to make the salve. It contains absolutely no artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances, and due to its nature it never goes off, so it has an unlimited shelf life.

I thought there were some issues around rapeseed oil?

It depends on the quality of the oil. The bad press around rapeseed oil is usually associated with very cheaply produced oil that is genetically modified and contrast we use extremely high quality (non-GMO) oil that is grown locally and cold pressed on the farm. That oil is actually wonderful to eat as well (of course we wouldn’t be doing that with this salve!)

This cold pressed rapeseed oil has extremely high quantities of essential fatty acids which make it an ideal base for salves yet do not have any allergic properties. Also because we are based only 5 miles from the farm, it has low food miles associated with it. The traditional recipe for the salve actually used sesame oil, which has the drawback of high food miles, plus some problems with allergic reactions so for that reason we have switched to the rapeseed oil. See the supplier website: for more information.

Tell me about the jar?

We chose an amber jar, made out of glass as it is very stable and does not react with any of the ingredients, and it is recyclable. The aluminium lid with the product is also fully recyclable.

Can it be used with other products?

Absolutely. It can be used with other local products or your usual medication with no side effects.

Are there any issues with skin reaction?

These seem, thankfully, to be very rare. Of course if there is any redness or irritation it is probably best to discontinue use.

Is there anything else I should know?

We are confident that this is the only purely natural product that’s effective in easing pain from joints and muscles on the market. The long-standing use of the ingredients, put together in this traditional recipe means it has a track record of helping in this area.